The year is 1965. In the streets, rows upon rows of red lanterns are brightly lit, and the smoky tang of firecrackers lingers in the air. The dragon and lion dancers weave their way through the throng of revelers, all saying their farewells to the year past and rejoicing in the new year to come. Among the path of houses that have been thoroughly swept and cleansed earlier today to ward off ill-fortune, with red paper scrolls inked in calligraphic messages of luck and happiness adorning the entrance, is a home belonging to the Grandma Chang’s family. In the kitchen, there is a flurry of activity as Grandma Chang puts the final flourishes on her spectacular Chinese New Year dinner while shooing away her eight children and family members attempting to sneak a taste. Grandma Chang, a native of the Sichuan province, renowned for its use of various spices and aromatic herbs as key ingredients for flavorful cooking, was both the foundation as well as the heart of the family. Mapo tofu with ground pork, spicy peppercorn chicken, Mala fish with tofu and bitter melon with black bean sauce are making their way to the dinner table.

Late 1970s, Chef Chang (Grandma Chang’s son) immigrated to Houston and began working at a Hunan Chinese restaurant.  Naturally, Chef Chang’s unique style of cooking was shaped by the exquisite blend of his continued family tradition of Sichuan cooking passed down from Grandma Chang and his years of experience with American-Chinese cooking.  By 1983, the Chef Chang’s family had saved enough to open their first restaurant, Eastern Chinese Restaurant, located off T.C. Jester and 34th street, which to this day, is still in operation. This marked the birth of their family business and expansion into five original Eastern and the latest three Chang’s Chinese full-service restaurants located in various areas of Houston extending from Clear Lake to Katy.  The Chang family has extended its support to the community throughout the years and has been awarded by GrubHub Golden Grub for its General Tso’s Chicken as a #1 customer favorite in 2013. Also, Chang’s received the Overseas Quality Restaurant award from the Overseas Community Affairs Council for the Republic of China in 2015.

With the opening of Chang’s Express, the Chang family begins a new chapter. As the first restaurant in this undertaking, Chang’s Express in Houston brings the ever-growing trend of the “fast-casual” movement, an adopted concept merging fast-food and casual dining. With the fast-casual service model, there is no wait staff and food is prepared at a pace akin to that of a fast food restaurant. Although Chang’s Express signifies a step towards more contemporary dining for the Chang family, it carries on the tradition of presenting customers with delectable cuisine based on Grandma Chang’s original recipes.  With fresh, healthy ingredients and entrées that are cooked-to-order, Chang’s Express endeavors to provide dishes made lovingly and promptly –without compromising on the level of quality.
From the Chang family, we extend our warmest welcome and invite you to experience a taste that is over three decades in the making. Happy eating!



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C-7 Teriyaki Chicken

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